Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunshine,Heat & Lyme Part two

Hello all,

I have not written for a little while because I have been outside enjoying the beautiful sunny weather here in the UK.

I have been sitting in the sun mainly for medicinal purposes really of course I have not been sitting in the sun for extensive periods of time and never in the midday sun.


Has it helped me?

Yes the sun has really helped me health wise and mood wise too.

I used to get a tingling sensation when I went into the sun or a sauna or a hot bath and in the past because i did not know the truth about M.S. and Spirochete infection I would automatically assume it was an M.S attack.

Before I was diagnosed with M.S I used to think there was something wrong with me or it was psychological or that was what I was told by the Dr's etc.

They can run, they are scared, they are cowards those Spirochetes

Now I am aware of what was wrong with my body I realize the tingling is not an M.S attack at all but a  reaction from the spirochetes trying to escape or dying off because they hate the heat they hate the sun.

When I used to get the tingling I would immediately get out of the heat or sun and go into the shade exactly what the little blighters wanted!

I have already written about sunshine and Lyme before here :

I do know most people with autioimmune diseases or other conditions do get adversly affected by heat and sun and it is always wise to be careful I would suggest to do what one feels one can cope with.

I also feel that if one is actually treating any condition that is actually related to Lyme?Spirochete infection, treating with MMS or antibiotics well the person is on their way to being cured and can maybe tolerate heat and the sun better than before.

I do know that with some antibiotics one has to stay out of the sun so always consult your LLMD and consult the instructions for any medication.

That is the beuaty of MMS you can go into the sun while taking MMS and there are no adverse reactions.

I personally grit my teeth and ignore the tingiling and itching, in my mind I can see the little blighters shriveling up and dying once and for all!

I refuse to rush to the shade like a bat because that is what they want no tough make me tingle make me itch they will not win!

Now since treating with MMS the tingling and itching is nothing like it used to be not at all now it is fleeting if at all, I feel happy in the knowledge that I won and they did not and now can enjoy a sauna or a sit in the sun with more ease not discomfort.

I now say this to all who do suffer in the sun and the heat try to grit your teeth perhaps when the itching starts before diving for cover.


Walking through sand.....

Yes in the heat I found it harder to walk I felt like I was walking through sand my legs were really hard to lift
and my knees used to not be able to bend with ease,

my ankles would ache and throb or my shins would ache and throb or i would get stabbing pains or electric shock sensations all over my body or my scalp.

This was when I would go in the sun before treatment with MMS  and now after treatment with MMS

I am happy to report that these problems do not occur!

The sun has got his hat on Hip Hip Hippo ray!

So hopefully as long as our UK summer lasts I shall keep on with my daily routine of getting outside whenever the sun has got his hat on!

Good Luck

Lyme Girl x

 *Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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