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Stomach / GI problems and Lyme/Spirochete Infection

Hello all,

I thought I would look at Stomach/Gastrointestinal problems and Lyme/Spirochete infections.

Kick in the stomach


Lyme/Spirochete infections will/can  affect every organ in the body so I have found out from my own and

family members experience and my own research on the subject.

I have had my appendix removed because of Lyme/Spirochete infections.

My brother had to go on a specialized diet due to Spirochete infection (not that anyone knew at the time the cause of his stomach problems).

The doctors wanted to remove my gall bladder and my spleen (they did not thank goodness).

Yes the wonderful infections not only affect the brain, eyes, ears, throat but also it gets one in the stomach!

My stomach problems

As I have mentioned I had my appendix removed about 2 years after the Horse fly bite.
Now whether or whether not my appendix was due to rumble at the time that it did I am now pretty certain
it may not have if I had not of been infected by the Horse fly.

The reason I come to this conclusion is because the Spirochete infection affects every organ in the body,
well it has in my body at least, so it would stand to reason the appendix would get inflamed.

Career Change....

When I was 20 I got my first managerial job, how i managed to pass my course I will never know
but I did it.

The job was extremely stressful well the Catering industry is. Long hours little time to eat a proper meal,
constantly on your feet.

It was inevitable I was going to have a burn out and sure enough I had the ultimate burn out.
My back gave in, I mean I could not move and with this my stomach started to have extreme pain in my
stomach and I had a terrible heartburn feeling.

The Dr advised I should have a white food diet i.e. White rice, white fish, Chicken.
This was when I was told I had an ulcer and a problem with my spleen and gall bladder and they or one may have to be removed!
Funny how all of a sudden out of the blue my body started to fall apart from just my first job as a manager.
 The Doctor advised the job i was doing was too stressful and highly dangerous for me.

I had spent years studying at collage and acquired debts with being a student and then I was told i had
 chosen the wrong career all because my stomach and GI were not coping.

Needless to say i went down the homoeopathic route and yes gave up my career as a Hotel manager.
I did not have my spleen removed or Gall bladder either.

While Pregnant.....

When I was pregnant I suffered from terrible heartburn and reflux I drank bottle after bottle of antacid I was told "Oh quite normal, many pregnant women suffer from this"
I wonder now if a lot of my problems during my pregnancy were actually made worse than most due to the Spirochete infection i would say now Categorically yes.

During treatment......

I have suffered from bloating in the stomach while treating with MMS but if I had taken antibiotics this would also happen so MMS is not to blame.
I have also had really bad reflux and indigestion while treating and again this could happen if one is on antibiotics neither are to blame only the spirochete infection is to blame.
I am glad to say that this part has seemed to have calmed down quite a lot.

My Motto

My motto is when dealing with the heartburn or stomach problems is to:
Just eat plenty of Yogurt and bananas cut out processed foods and sugar and drink lots of water until acid burning subsides. I find Cranberry juice helps immensely and Acidophiles and manage my stress levels with yoga as Lyme loves it when we are stressed and not at our best.

I would suggest if one is suffering with a GI problem bear this in mind the infection does cause inflammation and if one is taking treatment like MMS or antibiotics it does seem to be all part of the process of ridding the infection.

Good Luck

Lyme Girl x

Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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