Sunday, 9 June 2013

Time & Lyme

Hello all,

I have noticed that with Lyme or Spirochete infection time awareness is totally non existent.
Now could this be down to the part of the brain that helps us to be aware of time the same part that helps our spatial awareness.
All I know is from my experience with Lyme/Spirochete infection and living with others it is a constant daily struggle.

I seemed to be able to get a system where I could have quite a good idea of what the time is and also be able to get to appointments on time.
Some members of my family did not unfortunately, whether it was because they were just bad time keepers or the Lyme exaggerated this part of their personalities.

Not only does Lyme affect every area of our lives but it can really cause havoc on a daily basis, from hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second one really does not get a break does one?

The other way lyme does affect our aspect of Time awareness is well as a child who got bitten at age nine from my perspective before the bite I could tell the time I also understood the 24 hour clock but about 3 months after the bite it was like I suddenly had a sort of clock blindness I could not tell the time at all, I had no concept of time or the 24 hour clock for that matter everyone around me could not understand what was wrong with me they said it was because I was attention seeking!


My children who were obviously born with Lyme/Spirochete infection before they were treated they really had a hard time getting the concept of time or even telling the time.
I am pleased to report now they are being treated they have no problem with the 24 hour clock or telling the time at all their time keeping is impeccable!

Taking the treatment is totally invaluable to enable us all to control the Lyme rather than the Lyme controlling us it certainly does make our lives a whole lot better that's for sure.

Ok MMS is not the most fantastic taste in the world and yes it can get very tiresome to keep on taking it day after day, dealing with the herx's on a daily basis but hey it is so worth it in the long run at least we will get our lives back.

LymeGirl x
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