Saturday, 12 January 2013

Norovirus & Lyme

Hello all,

I have not written for a little while because I got the dreaded Norovirus along with my eldest!
My youngest got nothing.
Norovirus is the most disgusting illness going!

About Norovirus

Norovirus used to be called Norwalk virus known also as the winter vomiting virus.
Norwalk was named after Norwalk Ohio.
There was an acute gastroenteritis which occurred among children at the Bronson Elementary School in November 1968.
Norwalk is the only species of the genus Norovirus.
Norovirus belongs to the family Calicivirdae so to cut a long story short Norwalk was basically renamed Norovirus to stop confusion.
It has also been called the "Cruise ship" disease.
Norovirus can be spread by fecally contaminated food or water, by person to person contact and areosolization of the virus and subsequent contamination of surfaces.

Norovirus is the most common form of gastroenteritis in humans and affects all age groups.

Immunity to this is very temporary and incomplete basically you can't get immunity to this and yes you can get it again and again.

It is known as the Ferrari of virus's.

New Strain

Now I find out that this year 2013 there is a new strain of this virus, which may be behind 63% of the increase in cases.
This new strain has now been called Sydney 2012 and is behind most of the estimated 1.19m cases in England  and Wales.
Sydney 2012 was first detected in England in October 2012 and has now become the dominant strain.


The symptoms of Norovirus are:
  • Sudden sick feeling followed by forceful vomiting
  • Watery Diarrhoea
  • Raised temperature (over 38C/100.4 F)
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Aching limbs
Symptoms can appear one to two days after infection and in some cases can appear sooner.
Most recover after a few days ( I stress not everyone).
The biggest risk is Dehydration it is not a dangerous illness and there are no long lasting effects  from having Norovirus.
It is just a very unpleasant illness while one has it.
Just make sure you have plenty to drink because dehydration can be dangerous and when you have Norovirus one can loose a huge amount of fluid.
Drink plenty of water and also make sure you have drinks that rehydrate.

Norovirus & Lyme

What can I say the Norovirus and the Spirochaete infection is real bad yes. I am sure the spirochaetes had a party with the Norovirus seeing as Norovirus homes in on the nervous system now either the Spirochaete infection saw me at my weakest because my immune system was fighting the virus or maybe both banded together with a double whammy I do not know.
What I do know is I used the MMS increased my dose increased my water intake made some homemade chicken soup, apple sauce, bovril and just had to let the Norovirus run it's course.
I will say with me I vomited once and the rest was the other symptoms the diarrhoea, headaches, raised temp, aching limbs, stomach cramps.
The Norovirus I had lasted about 5 days. I am sure if I had not of been treating the spirochaete infection I would of fared a lot worse even of ended up in hospital.

I did notice my sleep was very disturbed and I had very vivid dreams/nightmares thing is that could of been the Lyme/spirochaete infection as well as the Norovirus.

So yes the holiday period was a real hey ho of a time for us because once we were rid of the dreaded Norovirus we got another dreaded winter illness the Flu!
I shall post about that next!
If you do have Norovirus hold on in there this is one illness that is very easy to get rid of unlike Chronic Lyme.
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