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Fibromyalgria or is it Lyme?

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Lyme is known as the invisible illness due to the fact that sufferers look healthy and well it is an illness that can't be seen on the outside.but the many who battle with it on a daily basis know all to well what it is capable of.

Lyme is also the great imitator and imitates many other illness's and many before they even get the Lyme positive test are diagnosed with Fibromyalgria, M.E, M.S Autism the list goes on.

Many do not recall ever been bitten by a tick and you don't always get a bulls eye rash either.
Ticks are not the only carriers of Lyme or spirochete infection either.
The bacteria can also be spread by other insects, including mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, and mites Horse Flys,
This may be the reason so few Lyme sufferers recall being bitten by a tick.

Patients struggling with Lyme disease usually become adept at hiding their pain from others as a way to cope and restore some degree of normalcy to their lives.

What is Fibromyalgria? 

The name is  "Fibro " for the fibrous tissues such as tendons and ligaments,
"my" indicates muscles,
"algia" indicates pain.

Fybromyalgria is a chronic condition of pain and profound fatigue.
The pain can be felt as aching or is a pain that is often described as head to toe. It may be worse at some times than others.

It may also change location, usually becoming worse and more severe in parts of the body that are used the most.

Fibro is more common than  rheumatoid arthritis and can sometimes be more painful.


The fatigue can range from feeling tired, to sheer and utter exhaustion rather like a flu like illness. It can come and go and you can feel like the "plug has been pulled" on you and all your energy has been drained away.

If symptoms are very severe then some may find it hard to hold down a paying job or enjoy much of  a social life.
People with mild cases may still be able to live a normal life.

What causes it?

Well the actual cause according to the experts is yet to be found.
It is said it can be triggered by a trauma like a car accident or giving birth.
Some research has found it could be a lack of Serotonin in the nervous system.

What's the connection to Lyme and Fibro?

When an illness is said to have no known cause or no known cure now alarm bells start to ring in my head.
I refer to Lida Mattman first to see what her findings are because she developed The Gold Standard Culture method which is the only  consistently dependable procedure for the demonstration of spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), the causative agent of Lyme Disease.

I feel and many others do to that it is becoming increasingly obvious that the plethora of clinical signs and symptoms associated with Lyme Disease are also common in patients with Fibromyalgria, Gulf war syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.S. and other commonly referred to Immune disease.
Most doctors do not consider that Lyme Disease is the actual cause and now most are not allowed to test for it or even suggest it because they may get struck off.
This allows untold numbers of direly ill patients to suffer without the proper treatment of antibiotics, which will improve their conditions, in some cases cure their disease chronic Lyme.
Mattman explained that the spirochete, like other bacteria, is not always in its classic form - there is much diversity in its appearance. This "diversity" in appearance is what is known as the "L Form" of the bacteria (named after this research at Lister Institute). In learning to recognise the "L Form" bacteria, Mattman has been able to culture spirochetes abundantly and profusely.
I feel that if one has been diagnosed with a autoimmune disease one should always be tested for a  spirochete infection. Yes the tests used are not reliable and so the Gold Standard Culture test should be done.

Multiple Sclerosis

With regards to M.S Mattman also had pictures of spinal fluid mixed with red blood cells  The red blood cells were filled with many spirochetes that were seen emerging from the red blood cells!
The spirochetes were not only in the red blood cells they prefer the red blood cells!
With this observation, Mattman feels that persistent infection could be attributed to the fact that antibiotics do not easily penetrate the red blood cell to target the spirochete.
Lida Mattman also considered  the spirochete can have numerous strains.


In my opinion and of course many others if the spirochetes have many strains and we as a human race are all diffrent would it be logical that other conditions like FMS, CFS GWS and others would all stem from the same spirochete infection?
I think so.
Well  from my own experience with myself being bitten by a Horse fly then the rest of my family, friends and neighbours all suffering from autoimmune diseases in our case it's obvious.
Mattman concluded that Lyme disease is as endemic here as Malaria is in the Tropics. She is convinced that, with the introduction of more reliable testing for LD, the figures will more accurately reflect the prevalence."
Mattman was the one who said "Multiple Sclerosis should be renamed Multiple Spirochetes".
Maybe Fibromyalgria should be renamed too?

We all just need to be prescribed the right antibiotic for the right infection, I personally have not got time to wait while the Medical profession catch up with Lida Mattman so i chose MMS as my treatment well what did I have to loose?
The infection had already stolen 30 years of my life, my children got congenital Lyme my father nearly died from it, as did my mother and I have lost many other people who are close to me, something had to be done.

What with the new unfair Universal Credit system coming in 2013 in the UK and the disabled being subject to unfair cuts in welfare payments or being totally denied or being forced to do workfare (more like slave labour) yes I had to do something.
It may have been a gamble on my part but hey the doctors had written me off big pharma drugs were killing me what did i have to loose and so much to gain.
I am glad to say after 15 months of treatment with MMS yes my gamble has paid off.
Ok yes I got Norovirus and then a flu but if I had not of taken MMS I would of ended up in hospital on a drip and lord only knows if I had not of treated the spirochete infection all those months ago what the spirochete infection would of done to me while suffering from such an unpleasent illness like Norovirus!
People do catch "bugs" like Norovirus and colds and flu and our wonderful immune system can cope with those what it can't cope with is a spirochete infection and those other "bugs".

Again if you have been diagnosed with any psychiatric condition or any immune disease don't just take your doctors word for it that it cannot possiably be Lyme or a Spirochete infection get yourself tested with the right test as soon as possiable with the Gold standard culture test.

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