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Autism & Lyme Connection

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Over the past decades Autism and Lyme are now epidemic proportions.

What is Autism? 

Autism is a Lifelong disability that affects how a person communicates and relates to others.
It affects how the autistic person makes sense of the world around them.
Autism is a spectrum condition what does this mean? It means that while all people with autism share certain difficulties the condition affects them in different ways.

People with Autism  may experience over or under  sensitivity to sounds, touch, tastes, light, smells, colours.

Some autistic people are able to live relatively independent lives, but others may have accompanying learning difficulties.and may need a lifetime of specialist support.

History of Autism

The term Autism was first coined by the psychiatrist Eugen Bieuler in 1911. He first perceived it as one of the key symptoms of Schizophrenia. Autism means "self ism"

Then in the 1940's Len Kanner in America and Hans Asperger in Austria both began to discover the existence of Autism which they felt described what they were witnessing in the children they were treating.
In the 1970's Judith Gould and Lorna Wing in their ground breaking study came to the conclusion that Autism exsisted on a continuium.
In 1981 Lorna Wing used the phrase Asperger Syndrome in a research paper to describe a distinct sub-group of patients she had been seeing.
The term Asperger became more widley used.

What is Aspergers Syndrome?

Aspergers Syndrome is a form of autism.
People who have Aspergers Syndrome are often of average or above average intelligence.
They have fewer problems with speech but may still have problems or difficulties with understanding or processing language.

High functioning autism & Aspergers what's the difference?

High functioning autism (HFA) and Asperger syndrome are both part of the autism spectrum.
The main difference between the two it is thought is language development.
People with Asperger Syndrome typically will not have a delay in language development when younger.

What causes Autism and is there a cure?

Again  this is yet another illness with no known cause and no known cure.
I will again say that after delving into Autism more and reading the research by Lida Mattman again it is quite obvious what does cause Autism which is a Spirocete infection a bacteria.
There are other factors:
  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Yeast
  • Heavy Metal
  • Food allergies

Lyme & Autism similarities

Now there is a lot of debate about the cause of Autism and from what Lida Mattman found out with her research.
 The similarities of Autism and Lyme or spirochete infection cannot be ignored any longer.
It has always been believed that both Lyme and autism were not connected in any way.
Now it has been found this is not the case.
Maybe Lyme causes autism which in my book does say there is a connection.
A team of five physicians led by Robert Bransfield M.D  analysed the two diseases and discovered a connection based on epidemiological findings, symptom similarities, case reports, and laboratory test results.
According to the Lyme induced Autism foundation that is exactly what it is Lyme induced.
As mentioned there could be other factors involved or the cause but it would be highly recommended to get tested for Lyme if there is a Autism diagnoses.
The patient could have congenital Lyme.

My experience

From my own personal experience and my own research into Lyme and spirochete infection that yes there must be a connection.
Many of the people around me as I was growing up displayed autistic tendency's if that is the right way of putting it.
My own children also displayed autism in one form or another. Since being treated with MMS the autism tendency's have either gone completely or subsided.
This route has not been easy and it was very hard as a mother to admit that my children may or may not have autism, knowing now  about Lyme induced autism does help because it means I can help my children and other family members and yes get results.

The one thing is at least we are all on the right track with autism and other illness's by finding a cause.

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