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Triggers of Stress,Rage, M.S & Lyme

"Lyme Rage"

Hello all,
I was looking into stress and Lyme. I also looked at stress and M.S. 
What I  found that with both M.S and Lyme, stress is about the same in both diseases.  
Of course stress  goes hand in hand with rage and anger.
Having had a conversation with my brother, who was also diagnosed with M.S,  has since found out he has Lyme and spirochete infection.

Violent Movies, Violent computer games 

He noted that when he watches violent movies or plays violent computer games, this seems to bring out the symptoms of tingling, itching, numbness and finally complete and utter fatigue and depression.
I agreed, I used to  get the same symptoms whenever I watched violent movies or even the news, also if  there was a stressful situation i.e others being aggressive or mild arguments.
Before he and I took MMS when we  knew nothing about spirochete infections,we thought it was all M.S, when we encountered mild arguments or watched violent films, the symptoms were much more disabling than they are now while taking MMS.
My brother also noted when he watched violent movies or played violent computer games he would get chills, he would shake like he he had a fever or was cold but he wasn't.
He found if he was in a stressful situation, he would either turn off but, mostly become very aggressive himself towards others.
I used to find before the MMS treatment, that I too would become very aggressive and my turn off switch just was not there. I could not turn off the anger/rage it would be totally out of control.
The doctors said it was just another symptom of M.S and go see an anger management specialist!.
Like that would of helped, not, it was not just another M.S symptom it was a load of spirochetes eating my brain!

Drip, Drip, Drip

I also say there is the "Drip drip, drip" of Lyme agitation. When the Lyme/M.S person would little by little agitate whomever was present basically winding that person up, accusing them, resenting them, pointing out their faults, finding fault in anything and everything,complaining about the noise of others eating, etc this can go on for a number of hours if allowed.
It's like the Spirochete are activating certain parts of the brain, i.e starting arguments or winding others behave like this.Unwittingly the other people start to lose patience and start to get frustrated,  the person with Lyme just gets worse and worse, to a point where the other people either react in anger or raise their voice and start to defend themselves, then the non Lyme /M.S  person, basically falls into a pit of vipers. (metaphorically speaking).  
Then the Lyme person will than feel  a sense of justification in their actions towards the non Lyme/.M.S person (unknowingly of course) like they have filled a hole inside.
Meanwhile the non Lyme/M.S person now feels totally exhausted or emotional or angry or all three feeling totally jangled.
I have  noticed  in some, they cannot control there emotions or reactions or anger because of the spirochetes in certain parts of the brain.

Now why would this happen?
I feel the more the Lyme/M.S  person has stress around them, somehow the spirochete must be getting something from this, more food perhaps or better environment to reproduce perhaps, who knows.
Bacteria are very clever and it has been shown they communicate with each other, bacteria can regroup and change their course of action also can count casualty's the bacteria have been around well before us humans and will probably be around after we humans have all gone. So is it any great surprise that the bacteria cannot in some way control the host to it's own advantage?

Now once one is aware that one could be led into the pit of vipers, one can take more control of any stressful situation created by the Lyme/M.S sufferer and stop what I call the feeding frenzy of the Lyme.  Either walk away from the Lyme/M.S sufferer agitator or send them away to another room and not continue the agitation.
I have noticed that I feel a lot less stressed, by applying this with my two Lyme children.
 I do not fall into the trap anymore with others who are not being treated  whereas before I would of become really upset and stressed myself and angry not good for the immune system!
So I watch out for the drip drip to start it is subtle and can catch you unawares and before you know it one can fall head first into the pit.
The problem is when it involves someone we care about, that we love like, a spouse or child or a family member this is when the  danger of falling into the pit becomes ever more precarious it is like being on a knife edge or walking on egg shells.


Spirochetes do not Love, they prevent their host from loving others and themselves too, 
Why? for the parasite's survival I would suggest.
When dealing with the drip drip drip we have to apply another way of thinking. 

Instead of being all involved emotionally with the Lyme/M.S person, you have to take the higher stance until the Lyme/M.S person has calmed down. You have to be cruel to be kind.
The spirochetes are eating their brain, you do not want to make it easier for the spirochetes.
It's for the Lyme/M.S persons own good.
Well this is my opinion anyway. I am learning fast to watch out for the start of the drip drip drip.

As soon as I notice the shall we say red flag i.e wind up. or obsession with a subject I stop it in it's tracks i.e walking away or sending the other person away or changing the subject.
Although changing the subject does not always work with spirochetes, as the Lyme person cannot let go of things easily that have agitated them in the first place.

Always remain calm and speak in a calm but firm voice and never back down.  
This sounds like double speak, because a Lyme person cannot let go of things. 

What I mean is, firmly stand your ground and do not elaborate or reason why, until they have calmed  down and can see reason and logic.

I find this tactic works well,  peace reigns over our home. As I do have 2 children with Lyme and have to deal with the drip, drip drip  on a daily basis. One child is speeding along in their recovery but the other I feel the journey may take a bit longer we are all individuals so each person's recovery is different.
It used to be the case, that they would stress me out with shall we say not letting go of an agitation, therefore triggering my own spirochetes, that were in the brain stem part of my brain, same used to happen with my brother and my father and we all used to feed off each other. Well it wasn't us feeding off each other it was the Spirochete inside feeding off each of us!

I have noticed other M.S sufferers who have had problems in their marriages because the spouse who is caring for them, unwittingly gets embroiled in say the argument. Because as a spouse and carer one does not want to upset the M.S person, so will be more tolerant of the M.S persons abuse they hurl at their spouse, so they do not walk away and all this is doing is feeding the spirochetes.
In the height of my M.S I wish people had of walked away from me,  left me to calm down. Yeah, at the time I would  of felt abandoned and lost and angry but it would of been for my own healths sake.
Instead the arguments would get out of control, sometimes violent, therefore depleting the immune system, feeding the spirochetes. 
The hell I must of put people through, must of been awful!
Now I am treating myself I can see with much remorse what I did, as many people who are or have treated the spirochetes have also found.


Stimulus-sensitive myoclonus are triggered by a variety of external events.
Several areas of the brain are involved with myoclonus, one of the locations is the brain stem region, close to structures that are responsible for the startle response.
An automatic reaction to an unexpected stimulus involving rapid muscle contraction.
 The startle response is often measured on brain wave scans as the P300 brain wave - triggered by novelty/surprise, and emotion, which is also stimulated when people view violent material i.e films.
After finding out about this I understand now why the anger and rage and inappropriate behavior.
That is why each individual is affected in different ways and so when it is eating at the brain stem region close to structures responsible for the startle response, is it any wonder why M.S/Lyme patients have such a hard time with stress and anger!

Now I understand this it has put a whole new light on how I handle any anger that starts to well up inside and of course taking the MMS which is  treating the actual cause has helped immensely.
I am smiling now and I am a much happier person as a whole. I can laugh again and do not get so stressed in stressful situations. I am now learning how to do this yes it is all a new learning experience now anger management would help as I have been a host to the  spirochetes for 30 years!
This puts a new slant on anger in M.S and Lyme rage it really should be studied further and more research needs to be carried out.

The good news

The brain grows new neurons all the time and compensates for parts that are dead or not fully functioning. There is hope for us all if we get to the actual cause of the problem the spirochete infection.
We can repair the damage or at least some made by the spirochetes, maybe the brain will grow the new neurons and be able to eventually become fully functioning, or at least better than before while being infected.

The Psychological effects of Lyme

There has been some research done with the psychological effects of Lyme disease, doctors do warn Lyme disease can cause  personality changes and of course can affect every area of the brain .
As the Spirochete infection progresses it can attack the nervous system  producing learning disabilities, mood swings, anxiety and depression, panic attacks, obsessive behavior, sudden rages and other psychiatric diagnoses. 
A recent  European study showed psychiatric in-patients are nearly twice as likely as the average population to test positive for Lyme.
Psychiatric Lyme can affect anyone from any age to any walk of life it does not discriminate.
Lyme does affect each individual differently and the psychological symptoms are never connected to any physical symptoms. 

Both my children before treatment  would  suffer from anger and rage. They would be in tears, saying they could not control the anger it would just take them over and they would get black thoughts.
They would have temper tantrums and hurt themselves and others break things in rage.

My brother noted that if he was told for example that someone had passed away he would laugh, not realizing at the time that his reaction was totally inappropriate.
He used to say things to others and be very blunt and hurtful again not realizing it was inappropriate.
Now he is treating himself all that has stopped and he is now mortified with what he used to do.
He cannot be blamed no one can who has an untreated spirochete infection that is  munching away at the brain now can they.

Of course if laws are broken or the untreated infected person abuses others then of course this must be dealt with, but hopefully the person will get treatment to kill the parasite before it  gets that far.
Unfortunately with regards to M.S sometimes the rage and anger is so great that damage is done, marriages break up, families fall apart,lose of employment can happen due to the wrong treatment i.e killing the parasite causing the M.S.

Yes there is anger and rage with M.S and there is anger and rage with a spirochete infection. 

As far as I see both M.S and the spirochete infection are the same, are one, from my experience of first being diagnosed with M.S.
Anger/rage is  probably one of the worst symptoms I would suggest.
Not being able to cope with stress is really horrible and can take over your whole life which is a stress all on it's own.

Lyme Girl

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