Thursday, 9 August 2012

M.S V Lyme symptoms before treatment and after treatment

"Sticky Plaster of steroids and other drugs"

Hello all,

I have not written for a few days as I have been busy dealing with symptoms that have flared up and as everyone might know this does take up a lot of our time doesn't it!

If we are not dealing with our old symptoms new ones flare up ones we have never experienced before.
I am glad to say the swelling in my foot has now gone and my foot looks like nothing ever happened after all that discomfort inability to wear proper shoes and having to buy some new insoles for my trainers just so I could drive my car.
Not only that having to buy Emugel for the pain the costs just kept adding up as is always the way just so that we can carry on with our lives.
Then  the disabling symptom disappears if we are lucky and it seems if one is treating the Lyme with antibiotics or other homeopathic treatments the symptom like swelling or vision problems etc does go away and one is not left with lasting damage unlike M.S or M.E or other neurological complaints.
Then as i get a symptom my mind plays havoc with me and questions like "am I going to be stuck like this forever?"
When will this ever end?
I have to keep reminding myself that i am treating myself and the symptom will pass and I will be stronger than I was before and no lasting damage.
Unlike when I did not know the connection to Lyme and MS I would get a symptom I would be given Steroids but I would be left with lasting damage sometimes and I was never stronger than I was before ever if anything I would be weaker and a slightly lesser version of the original me whatever that was.
With the untreated me I started to look and behave as a lesser person.
This just goes to show the damage Lyme can do yes it eats away at our bodies ravaging us from the inside out.
Damage would happen that we cannot see outwardly but it was happening inside and we thought we were ok and nothing was wrong.but yes there was something wrong with me at least because the Lyme was not being treated at all just sticky plasters of steroids and other drugs yes because that is all steroids are sticky plasters they are a very violent sticky plaster and do not help the body to heal just cause the Lyme and other co-infections to hide away till it's safe for them to reappear with vengeance.
I have to remind myself everyday why i am drinking MMS and why I should not stop treating myself and the Lyme does not like this not one bit it would rather I stopped altogether and let it be to ravage my body and deny me of vital nutrients and minerals and food and water.
Yes Lyme does not want me better well that would mean it would be gone dead.
I am not a very welcoming host anymore!
Yes Lyme does try to prevent me from drinking water or taking my treatment and when I have an almighty herx which can make my life very difficult it takes a lot of my own will power and strength to keep on going,
Because Lyme plays havoc with the mind and our rational thoughts.
"Lyme anger/Rage"

Lyme and other confections can quite literally make us go mad and we don't know why we get so angry or enraged or irrational.and paranoid turning against the very people who are actually trying to help and the treatment that is actually healing us if we allow the Lyme and co-infections an inch.
We can go through such irrational thoughts and the anger just goes out of control and can cause road rage or cause us to even smash up our own homes or at worst others peoples homes and belongings.
Or we can get the Lyme confusion  which can get so bad we may not even recognize our spouse who we have been married to for many years.
Lyme confusion can be scary and can be very frustrating to not only yourself but your loved ones too.
"Lyme confusion"
Luckily if you are treating yourself with antibiotics or other treatments the confusion the anger/rage should be kept at a minimum or you may not have any at all.
before I treated myself I would have the rage and the confusion after i had my first child it took about 5 years before I could remember my date of birth or address again ok some may say that is maternal ammnesia i beg to differ I could not even remember my age or names of my loved ones it was as though I had extreme maternal ammnesia or could it of been the Lyme eating away at parts of my brain because i had gone through the trauma of giving birth? who knows.
What i do know now is since i have been treating myself my memory is vastly improving and the rage has totally subsided i have now reached a level of calm that I have never had before and i am now very happy.
I will admit when i am due my MMS I can feel inside the anger starting to simmer and the confusion starting but as soon as I have taken MMS that all calms down and things are getting easier.
Lyme Girl