Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lyme fragments and oxygen therapy & other treatments

Hello all,

I came across an article that says scientists have discovered that fragments of Lyme disease can linger in the joints even after treatment.
Now this is very interesting as yes the joints do get affected by Lyme and this could explain why Lyme sufferers do have significant pain in the joints.

The Yale scientists found that with mice they infected mice with BB and these mice had an impaired immune system.

They also had some control mice both sets had sweetened water with antibiotics added to the water for 30 days.Some mice were given just sweetened water.
The antibiotics killed the Lyme in all of the control mice and all but one of the immune impaired mice.
he Lyme persisted in the untreated mice.

The researchers found remnants of Lyme spirochetes in the knee joints of all antibiotic treated mice which indicated the antibiotics eliminated the bacteria but not the residual debris. This debris could trigger an inflammatory response but not the full blown Lyme infection.
Now what I see from this study is that we have to not only treat the Lyme with antibiotics or other treatments like MMS or rife but it is vitally important that we take things to mop up the debris created by the die off and the fragments left behind.
his is why it is so important to take the antioxidants.
MMS does mop up toxins in the system as well.


I have also been having Hyperbaric oxygen therapy as well as the MMS and what I have noticed is the Oxygen therapy does enable my body to clear the toxins and Lyme and co-infections cannot tolerate oxygen. But in my opinion Oxygen therapy on it's own is not enough to kill Lyme in itself one does need antibiotics or other treatments as Lyme hides and oxygen can't get the cysts when Lyme is in that part of it's cycle.
At least the study has shown why we get joint inflammation at least. 
I would highly recommend oxygen therapy as well as antibiotics or MMS when treating Lyme or co-infections as well as Krill oil vitamin C and B and E and Calcium.

Best for you

You have to decide for yourself what you feel would be best as I am not a qualified doctor.
All I can say is what i use and what is working for me.
I have had to reduce my MMS to 10 drops per day from 16 as I felt that my body was not coping with the die off one should not make oneself sicker than one already is so I shall see if the 10 drops is still too high or too little.

I go to oxygen 3 days a week at the depth of 24% now when my swelling started I was going to oxygen for 2 days a week the swelling went away but in July came back so i increased the oxygen days only this week and the swelling is almost gone i shall see after next week how I am.
I defiantly have more energy and hardly any pain.

With Lyme and co-infections it is a fine balance and our bodies are very intricate machines I have noticed with Lyme that if we upset the apple cart too much either the body has a hard time coping or the Lyme gets very aggressive.
Routine is the key I believe.

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