Friday, 3 August 2012

Evening Primrose oil and the benefits

Evening Primrose Oil Flower

Hello all,

I have just remembered about evening primrose oil. I used to take it years ago for PMT symptoms then I found Angus Castus a from a native Mediterranean  plant and has been used by women for centuaries. It is used for Pre menstrual syndrome and symptoms of the menopause.
It normalises the activity of the female sex hormones.
Now Evening Primrose oil can act as an anti inflammatory and is very beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis inflammation.
I had forgotten abot the anti inflammatory affects of evening primrose oil and as my swelling coincided with my menstrual cycle which as it happens coincides with the Lyme & co-infection cycle I shall be adding another supplement to my already long list of supplements!.
It is recommended that one takes 1000 mg 2 to 3 times a day.
I hope i have found the key to helping my swelling which I have suffered now with for 2 months and I hope this works along with the oxygen therapy and the MMS and my other supplements.
It is said that evening primrose oil helps eczema (perhaps the lyme rash??)
Many M.S sufferers take evening primrose oil to help their symptoms.As I do believe Multiple scelerosis is Lyme well then of course Evening Primrose oil will help M.S.
Evening Primrose oil also helps hyperactivity.
It also helps lethargy.
As research is very lacking when it comes to PMT and the menopause and there is no research  with regards to the effects of Lyme in women and their menstrual cycle there is very little information one can find we are all on our own so I suppose best to do trial and error.
As i have taken evening primrose oil before and it is not harmful in any way I am willing to start taking it again.
Men can take it as well!
and children so my 2 are taking it as well by their own choice.

Lyme girl