Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Dizziness of Lyme and Co-infections

Hello all,

Yes I have been there the room spinning round and around I wouldn't know if it was ever going to stop.
At least with a fairground ride or roller coaster you know that will come to an end and when.

With the dizziness with Lyme you never know you never have the promise of it stopping.
The whole experience is very scary and many do not understand what it is like They can only have a wild guess.

When I had the dizziness or as my neurologist called it Vertigo my whole life was put on pause.
I of course could not drive, watch T.V read listening to music mad me feel sick.

All I could do was wear sunglasses and shut my eyes but even then with my eyes shut the dizzy sensation was still there, then the headache would start.Could the medical proffession do anything?
Back then no I did try air sickness pills but that was to no avail.
Maybe now there are drugs to help I wouldn't know as I am not a qualified doctor.

All I can say is from my experience with MMS I have not had any  dizziness quite like a I used to before treatment.

Now every now and again I do get a light headed feeling and I feel slightly dizzy but it only lasts for well the longest for me was 5 minutes unlike before where sometimes the dizziness would last a week sometimes up to a month!

I am just so grateful that I do not suffer like I used to.
The last dizzy spell I did have was about 4 months ago now.

We shall have to see if it will ever come back and how much the MMS has eradicated the bacteria.
I hope and pray that I have seen the last of the dizziness.

Lyme Girl

Lyme Girl
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