Sunday, 22 July 2012

The difference between Men and Women and Lyme

Hello all,

When I was at my local M.S Therapy center the other day something caught my eye on the wall. There was various pieces of statements one that struck me was "More women than Men suffer from M.S".
I kind of already knew this but it made me think more deeply regarding Lyme and the difference between men and women.

Does Lyme affect Men differently?

I investigated further by a google search and yes low and behold the answer is yes.
In studies it showed Women do display more symptoms than men.
in the studies Women do get more joint pain,muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, heart palpitations, nausea, anxiety, numbness and tingling and changes in vision.

Women's test results are different as well.women when tested for Lyme will test negative more often than Men.
It seems in some cases Mens test results come back positive sooner than women.
There must be a reason for this.
Could it be that men do have a immunological variation when infected with a spirochete infection.
It has also been found that women of reproduction age handle infections better.women's antibody's are higher as well.
But and this is the crux of the matter Women's immune response fluctuates with the menstrual cycle.
Oestrogen stimulates the immune system whereas testosterone is a suppressor.
When women go through the menopause the Oestrogen levels drop therefor the immune stimulation drops which leads to a different  immune status. Women are more likely to be re-infected maybe because of this.
IL-10 (an interieukin) is produced in higher amounts in women than in men.
This is responsible in inhibiting some of the genes in Borrellia, but it can also empower some of the genes too.
The difference between men and women and spirochete infection does need to be studied further.

 Now I have found out that there is a difference in men and women and spirochete infection it all makes sense, with regards to my family yes the women did seem to suffer more from pain in the joints and neck and back.
My brother seemed to be more affected in the bowel area and his cognetive function was very affected he was servery dyslexic as was my uncle who by the way used to horse ride until he had to give it up as his knees got very affected.
My father well he developed dermopolymyocictis which very nearly killed him.
My brother did get diagnosed with M.S at age 20 but his M.S presented itself differently to my M.S.

So Lyme does sexually discriminate how unfair is that!
Could also when treating the Lyme men and women are different especially the Herx?
I would suggest the answer this is a resounding Yes ok i have no scientific evidence to back me up but after observing my brother and i when we treated the Lyme well his herx's were different to mine.
I suppose because of maybe my Oestrogen levels at certian times of the month I did in some ways become stronger immunity wise and my body would recover quicker than at other times of the month.
whereas he would have a harder time of it.
He had to really increase his vitamins and minerals to keep himself on an even keel.

So yes men and women do differ when it comes to Lyme

Lyme girl