Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hello all,

I have noticed that my right leg now seems to give me problems.
I used to get cramp in both my legs and feet and the pain was unbearable.

Now since the MMS I only get cramp in three of my toes on my right foot. The pain is not unbearable just annoying.
Over the past 3 days my ankle has swelled so i invested in some flight socks which seemed to help and I keep my feet raised as much as I possibly can.
This is the right ankle by the way.
Now when I go to bed all is ok but after about 4 hours I wake up in pain and i am unable to actually stand on my right foot it is too sore.
This is a strange symptom and yes it is probably a herx.
What I feel is the reason why my right ankle, foot and leg are now playing up the most is because I was bitten on my right thigh by the horsefly I wonder as the MMS does it's job and kills the bacteria is the right leg the last of the die off?
Could it be that wherever one is bitten and the amount of times one is bitten could dictate how fast or slow one heals from Lyme?
Some get bitten on the head maybe by been bitten on the head one would be affected more neurologically than perhaps on the foot?
Pity there is not a study to find out where one is bitten how one is affected with untreated long term Lyme.

My children have congenital Lyme and they luckily are not as affected as i was but there again they have not reached age 18 yet and they are being treated.
Information is very sparse about congenital Lyme so I shall just have to wait and see with my two if they start to display symptoms like myself or if the treatment they are having will stop the Lyme altogether.

We shall see if after a couple of days if the swelling goes down and the pain stops and my ankle is on the path to fully functioning. who knows Lyme is a strange beast and the die off is not much better at the best of times.
oh well we shall see.

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**