Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lyme and Motivation

Hello all,

Since I was bitten at age 9 or so motivation has always been a problem for me i will say a huge problem for me.

I know that motivation can be a problem at the best of times for many anyway but the only way I can describe motivation and Lyme is it's like i am a clockwork toy and have got rusted.

I suppose it is connected to the fatigue and brain fog.

Before I took MMS I could not motivate myself to do anything I would be more than happy to just not do anything because if I did try I would start to get fear and then deppression and then I would give up.

Now having been on MMS for nearly a year my energy levels are up and i can actually do things without the fear and without depression.

I have also noticed my brain is more clear thinking and I can now plan ahead, something i could not of dreamed of in the past because of the fear and depression.

So yes I have combated the lack of motivation that you get with Lyme at long last and i feel this is a cause for celebration whoopee!