Sunday, 22 July 2012

Insomnia,Sleep disturbance & Lyme

Hello all,

Oh the many nights I spent awake unable to sleep just wide awake watching the sun rise all those years ago this would go on for weeksI would then end up sleeping through the daylight hours wasting my life away.

Now when I cast my mind back to before the bite I had no trouble going to bed and falling asleep, I would be awake throughout the daylight like any normal child.
My troubles started after the bite it got so bad my mother had to take me to the GP in sheer frustration "My child just won't sleep and when she does she sleep walks or she sleeps all day!"
The GP prescribed sleeping tablets which did not work at all.
I was sent to psychologists to see if I had a emotional problem.

Night Fears
I would get what  call night fears and become inconsolable tears pouring down my face sobbing out of sheer fear.
What was the fear about?
Well the tapes would run through my mind over and over again and being a child I was unable to express what I was going through or feeling.
The thoughts could sometimes be horrific it was only since I have spoken to my brother after he started treatment last year that it all made sense. he would have images of death, blood, mutilated bodies etc and he expressed by drawing, and now he is being treated the images have gone.He just learnt to live with them. 
After researching this is quite common with Lyme and in children.
I would hallucinate but as a child I could not separate hallucinations from reality another common lyme symptom especially in children.
When I did sleep at night my sleep would be very restless and I would constantly wake up my sleep would be very disturbed.
 "Lyme Time"

Choosing  a career in Hotel and Catering Management which suited my Lyme down to the ground as I used to work nights, Lyme really becomes active at night.
As one Dr calls this "Lyme Time" hence insomnia.
Since I have treated myself with MMS and I am sure anyone who takes antibiotic treatment will go through the same experience at first the insomnia was quite bad at the beginning of treatment but I just stuck it out and pushed through i was not going to allow this critter inside me to have anymore of me.
I am not going to say treating Lyme was easy no it was not but my determination kept me going and my two kids did as well.
after a year of treatment I am now able to sleep well no more sleep walking!
The nicest thing I have now is instead of sleep talking I actually sleep laugh, yes Laugh which is a lot better than night terrors anyday!
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