Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fatigue and MMS

Hello all,

I have been taking MMS for 11 months July will be my 12th.

I knew it might take a long time to be completly clear of Lyme but I am certain the MMS would work faster than antibiotics. From where I am now to when I started there is great improvement.
I have to wait until July 15th to reach a whole year.

I am going to take an IQ test and I will update you with the results.

The best way to understand the fatigue is it's like there are two jars one is your mental jar the other is your physical jar but if you use your mental jar too much it empty's and the brain has to start using the physical jar for the mental jar to compensate.
Thing is with Lyme the jars are already half full as it is so you may be ok in the morning but if you do too much  taxing mind work then if you wanted to start doing physical stuff this just won't happen and you get collapse.
Same goes for the other way round if you do some physical stuff and overdo it forget getting your brain to work with the mental stuff no siree the jars are empty both ways.
No matter how much zip remedies you do nothing will help.
Hence why sometimes I just could not even communicate or bring myself to do anything physical and it would take a long time to recharge my jars or batteries.

Now has MMS helped with my fatigue?

Yes it has before i took MMS I had got to the stage that I was going to have to give up my job, something I really did not want to do. I am still working and I have been able to do a website and this blog and i am in the process of another website!

I used to get so tired before MMS I could not of brought myself to contemplate a website what with brain fog as well as putting the hours in and a part time job and of course being a mum of two.
After I started the MMS and until this very day my fatigue is getting less a lot less and I do not get so tired that i cannot get out of my bed for days and days.
I hope to one day be at the point where I have boundless energy like a normal human being.
Some may say this is wishful thinking I disagree if I had not of been infected i would be a normal human being now.

I used to do my part time job of 23 hours and then I would be totally wiped out for 3 days or more, I would not be able to do very much at all I would force myself to go shopping or other daily things but i would get tireder and tireder until after probably a month then I would have an all mighty collapse.

Now with the MMS I can do my job and after a good nights sleep i can do more i am not wiped out and I can complete more tasks in a day.

Before if i had too many tasks the fear would creep in then the depression then the exhaustion and I would not be able to complete anything..
Now I can and I do not get the fear, depression or exhaustion.
Yes i feel the fatigue is getting better and I hope (and pray) will eventually become a distant memory.

So has MMS helped with the fatigue? you betcha it has!
I wrote this didn't I
I finished work on Sunday after working for 11 hours and the next day I worked on my website and today this blog wow!

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**