Monday, 16 July 2012

Distortion and Lyme Disease

Hello all,

Before the bite age 9 I was never a hyper sensitive child, I never had a problem with others and I had plenty of friends.
Then one day I woke up and it all changed things would be said and I would take it the wrong way the words would hurt me to the core I would hold on to the cruel words that were said and i would not be able to let go, i would hold on for weeks, months years even!, I was a child what did I know?
I used to be told "Your so sensitive what's wrong with you?"

As i grew up the hyper sensitivity did not get better no in fact it got worse could that of been hormones combined with the infection?
I needed to "toughen" up but this was impossible with the infection.
I spent many a night dreading school the fear would well up as i knew I would be asked questions in class and I would not be able to answer.
I knew I would be laughed at and teased because of my slow brain. Children can be so cruel sometimes.I spent these dreaded nights crying that nobody wanted to be my friend anymore, I got shouted at by the teachers for being slow and dim-witted.
I was sensitive to criticism, others facial expressions. Holding onto a grudge can make you sicker than you already are.

I just could not learn to let go of the hurt and pain of words that were said. If I was wronged in anyway that was it the deed was done and it would stay for a long time.
I would find it hard to express myself and I could not understand others and their reaction, I had a  totally distorted view of life and other people.

Was this me? was this the infection?
After being treated I can now say it was the infection that distorted everything.
As an adult I was able to apply logical thinking to my interactions with others, I say logical is anything logical when Lyme is involved? Nope.
But i was able to have some sort of semblance of logic I suppose. But I still could not let things go I thought it must be a personality fault of mine.

I would harbour a grudge the interaction play over and over in my mind and the anger would be there like a tag team round and round in circles the tapes would play in my mind.
The hypersensitivity is a a Lyme symptom it is not unheard of in the Lyme circles that's for sure.

I was not just sensitive others words but also to my environment.
Lyme does that if anything is a bit out of kilter as a lymie this would affect me deeply too.

Things I used to be able to tolerate I could no longer foods, alcohol, rain even!
Loud noises became increasingly difficult to deal with.Yes Lyme distorts all of our perceptions and emotions.

Now I have been treating it for a Year I am a diffrent person the distortion has stopped.
The infection is no longer ruling my Life!
Thank you MMS!

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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