Friday, 13 July 2012

Advice for recovery from Lyme and co-infections

Hello all,

When one is treating ones self with anything either Rife or MMS or antibiotics there are a few things one should be aware of.


Try not to be left alone for long periods of time if you do live alone try to stay with family while you are treating yourself, or try visiting family or friends as much as possible try getting out and about at least once a day.
You need encouragement and reassurance along your long road to being healthy again.
You will not be able to think clearly you can become confused, terrified, angry and discouraged. Talk to people who can help Lyme support groups call the Smaratins talk to support networks as this can help tremendously.
Find a emotional release do not turn on those trying to help you. It is not their fault you have the infection and it is not their fault that you herx. We all can have breakdowns along the way and no one can do this on their own. Make sure your loved ones also understand what you are going through.
Consult with your Lyme Literate Doctor as much as you can.

Keep up your calories Eat properly. Solid food is better but as Lyme and co-infections affect the throat and swallow mechanism Complan can help if you have a problem with your throat or swallow or loss of appettite.
Raw Milk has many good nutrients and a glass of raw milk is a meal in it's self.
Always take those extra vitamins and Minerals as your body is having a huge battle as it is and Lyme takes away most of the vitamins and Minerals one consumes as it is plus the first place the body takes away vitamins and minerals is the mouth and Lyme lives in the mouth.So the extra vitamins and minerals will help the immune system and make you stranger physically.
Vitamin B complex helps the brain vitamin C vitamin E and Omega 3 and vitamin D.and of course Raw milk contains all of these vitamins as well. raw Milk also has good bacteria that your gut needs especially if Lyme is running rampant in that area.
This is a good website for facts about Raw milk


Do not overdo any exercise but always move and stretch as much as possible.
Yoga or Tai Chi are ideal especially if you have Lyme or a co-infection.
Lyme loves you not moving your immune system does not. You want to get the circulation going as you will have die off and toxins that your body needs to expel.
Try stretching every part of your body every hour Even just walking around the home will be very beneficial.
Strenuous exercise is contolled injury and injury feeds the bacteria.

Always take your Medication whether it be antibiotics, MMS, Collidal Silver whatever you have chosen on time the same time every day this is vitally important. As Lyme and the co-infections grow slowly and sometimes die slowly. It has also been proven that bacteria communicate with each other yep and they collate the amount that have died and regroup.If you miss a dose of medication this gives the bacteria to regroup and hide in other places in the body. See it like a game of Cat and Mouse for your immune system and the medication. Do not give the infection an inch!
The longer you have had the infection the deeper the bacteria can go.
Even if you are feeling really good and you think the Lyme has gone keep taking your treatments and medication for a number of months or even another year I have been on the MMS for a year now and I envisage I will probably take MMS for another year maybe 2 I shall have to see I certainly do not want to have to go through everything again because I did not quite get rid of the Lyme.!

MMS Tub soaks antibacterial soaps

These should be used because the Lyme will try and hide in the pores of the skin and scalp. It would be ideal to have a MMS tub bath at least twice a week and use antibacterail soap for washing hands and in the shower or bath. Also as Lyme lives in the mouth the Brathing MMS protocal twice a week will be beneficial and brushing your teeth with MMS. Please refer to this for instructions for the tub bath
Refer to this page for the teeth protocols :
It is best to not use any teeth products with Fluoride


Tap water is not as clean as you think and has chemicals in it and fluoride in some areas it is best to only drink bottled water or Osmosis water if you choose Osmosis water also drink a mineral water with a PH of
PH 7 .7 or higher.

When fighting the illness it can make you depressed your mind also is not thinking clearly just to add insult to injury.. Try to keep yourself as occupied as possible try to keep away from antidepressants as they can add to the insomnia.
Lyme can play havoc with our mind and the toxins do not help much either.
turn off all Hubs at night time and microwave ovens and mobile phones and any wireless technology in the home as these can make the Lyme more aggressive.


This is a big NO NO it can keep you sicker for longer. The hangover is worse as well.

 This is another Big NO NO they turn your immune system off and you do not need that!


Your body is having a hard job fighting and you must rest as much as possible rest will help the immune system if you get too tired recovery will take longer do not overdo it.if you need to nap in the afternoon take a nap if this is what your body needs.

Listen to your body.

Mold, Fungus, Mildew

Check your home for these and get rid of them as soon as possible either by a professional or if you are going to do this yourself always wear protective clothing, gloves and a mask.
As the above will also make Lyme and co-infections aggressive.

I wish getting rid of Lyme was easier and as i have said before this is one of the hardest battles you will probably ever have to go through it is a long road but so worth it in the end.

Do not give up!

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care proffessional.**